Loss and Overdevelopment of 100+ Acres

The picture that you see is not a military base. We are informed that its a congested snot of land development, compliments of the same builder looking to churn the 100+ acre Woodmere Club into Town 6. No thank you.

Stop6T is a grassroots campaign to prevent the loss and overdevelopment of the 100+ acres; to oppose the development of “Town 6“. We are extremely proud of the campaign, and even more proud of the tremendous impact it has already made.

march 2019 update. here’s the congested snot of land proposed for the heart of the 5 towns. this is town 6.
Things to Consider:
  1. It matters when we contact our elected representatives in D.C. and FEMA. Huge shout out to the Army Corps of Engineers, and the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC), both now studying our South Shore flooding concerns. Click for article
  2. The FEMA flood zone maps extend far North of Woodsburgh, well beyond Peninsula Boulevard. Hello residents of Woodmere Park. Beside the impact of 200-300 newer homes on the value of your real estate, coupled with 300-600 additional cars for you to contend with, have you considered that your obscene flooding issues can only get worse by eliminating 100+ acres of soil within 1 to 2 miles of your home? Click for article
  3. Recent hurricanes in the Unites States should remind us all of the dangers of developing flood-prone areas, such as ours. “Storms are natural events, but floods are usually man-made disasters. That’s because flood damage depends not only on how much water is involved, but on how many people and structures are in its path and how prior human intervention had affected that path.” Click for article
  4. Executive Order 13186 is entitled “Responsibilities of Federal Agencies to Protect Migratory Birds”. It directs federal agencies to work with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and other federal agencies to promote the conservation of migratory bird populations. Bird watchers have reported the presence of migratory birds on the 100+ acres.
  5. “Dearth of new construction …”. Hardly the case if Town 6 is added to our community. Click for article
  6. Someone asked about the ‘tax base’ benefit of 300 homes added to the district. Its a red herring for two reasons; (1) whatever RE taxes the 300 homes draw in, should be offset by the reductions in RE tax of the 16,000+ other homes (per census reports) with reduced market/assessed value, and (2) it presupposes (a) a continued strong real estate market and sale of the 300 homes to collect RE tax from, and (b) that the developer will actually complete the project without abandonment for tax gains. Click for article
  7. “So, an extra thirty seconds stuck in traffic can truly put a life in danger.” Some of our neighbors, especially the elderly, may care about those 30+ seconds of traffic congestion that *already* exist. Click for article
  8. Hewlett (District 14) homeowners, have you considered what will happen to your home values when/if 200-300 more homes are built in Woodmere (District 15) with lower taxes than you pay?
  9. And for those who suggest, against the interests of our neighbors on Central or Broadway, that we could widen the roads (?!), it will only worsen traffic.
What Can You Do?
  • Rally all contacts to write emails and make calls to the following, and voice their opinions on the potential risks of the Woodmere Development. Send a message directly to the Town of Hempstead and our elected representatives!

We are counting on our elected officials to represent us and advocate for our safety and well being. When you communicate with them, here is a summary of reasons that you believe that a new, large-scale housing development of the Woodmere Club will be detrimental to our community and our quality of life:

(i) Massive increase in traffic volume resulting in gridlock – potential for disabling emergency responders – putting lives at risk. (ii) Drastically increasing the demand on utilities and services which are already under strain (iii) Create a severe shortage of parking spaces at Lawrence, Woodmere, Hewlett and Cedarhurst train stations. (iv) Make it difficult to access local businesses and offices along Broadway and Central Ave. (v) Extensive environmental destruction and large-scale loss of green space (flooding, wildlife loss, air pollution, green fly infestations). (vi) Compromised evacuation routes due to overcrowding (Peninsula Blvd, Rockaway Tpke). (vii) Destruction of flood mitigation barriers resulting in inland devastation during natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. (viii) Extreme pressure on our schools to serve rapid student population growth and provide bus transport which will jam local streets. (ix) Decreased home values as new residences flood the market. (x) Add your own reason. Please share your opinion. Don’t be shy.

11 Replies to “Loss and Overdevelopment of 100+ Acres”

  1. Thank you for sharing pictures of what happens when it rains WITH a 100+ acre sponge of grass and soil.

  2. Thank you for sharing pictures of the horrendous traffic on Broadway that ALREADY exists.

  3. First batch of car magnets arrived today, and will be handed out tomorrow at the 10:30AM Town of Hempstead, Board meeting taking place at One Washington Street in Hempstead.

    When you check in, they should ask whether you’d like to speak. Say yes, and you’ll get 3 minutes at the microphone. Don’t forget to thank our elected officials for extending the building moratorium. Popular talking points include flooding, traffic (daily and emergency routes) and need for a park and/or community center or municipal golf course.

  4. Special thanks to Eli Mechlovitz who stepped up when it was needed, and put his incomparable skills to work. EM designed and printed the now infamous “Stop6T” logo. We all owe him a debt of gratitude. From lawn signs to bumper stickers, send the “Stop6T” message. Distribution centers for the free signs and bumper stickers are all around the 5 Towns. Let the 5 Towns Civic Association know you’re interested in a sign or sticker by leaving a Reply below, on Facebook or by approaching any of our volunteers.

  5. Special thanks to Steven Newman of Woodmere. With his assistance, 5TCA distributed 30+ lawn signs and 25 car magnets on Wednesday to residents of Woodmere and Hewlett. SN made himself available at 10PM after his long workday. I’m beyond impressed. 5TCA thanks you on behalf of our entire community.

  6. Re: Confiscated Lawn Signs in the Village of Woodsburgh

    The newly reelected Mayor and two Trustees of Woodsburgh are not villains, and I will fight to preserve their good names as diligently as I continue to fight the loss of 100+ acres and overdevelopment in the center of the our 5 Towns; relentlessly. It is one thing to be critical of an act by the Village, but quite another to personalize that criticism against individuals. Our community needs to stand together, now more than ever.

  7. Thank you Rev. J. Christopher Ballard, of Trinity-St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hewlett, for sharing yet another way that our community will be harmed, specifically those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. “I’ll sit and watch a funeral [procession] take 40 minutes to try to take a left-hand turn into my cemetery as people are crying over their dead relatives. That’s atrocious.” Apart from his incredible compassion shown for the grieving, we also applaud Rev. Ballard for his keen environmental insight. “We had several beaches a couple of weeks ago close [on the South Shore] because they were too toxic to swim in. If we do a development, the runoff into the bay, whether it be pesticides, fertilizers or whatever, is going to be enormous. No one [knows] what that impact will be, and that’s really, really important. This is one of the most beautiful places to live, and this would just put more stress on the environment.” Great job! You can read more about his interview in the LI Herald, dated July 27, 2017 (link to digital edition found on tab “Sign Our Petition!” above).

  8. 5TCA cannot stress enough how important it is for every member of the community to communicate concerns to our elected officials, but also federal agencies such as DEC and FEMA. Please click on the link that follows to a recent article relating to overdevelopment in New Jersey. It is worth the read. Thank you Michael Uri Jacobs for finding and sharing the article with me. [Click Here for Lakewood Story]

  9. Thank you Paris Popack and Lawrence Association for hosting us at the Lawrence Yacht and Country Club last night. The ballroom was set up wonderfully, and the event was both well organized and publicized. Standing room only! Our community is truly fortunate to have you.

  10. It seems like every week those trees get thinned. Some are gone altogether. Worth paying attention to.

  11. An optimist would say they are clearing the 100+ acre grounds of old trees to plant new ones, and aggressively trimming branches to reduce common environmental challenges for golfers; akin to the use of rails at the bowling alley. A cynic would say that they are removing trees (a) without intention of replanting, (b) to incrementally clear the land for future development, and (c) to slowly eliminate the natural habitat of migratory birds and other hunters of biting flies / mosquitoes. Of course I am an optimist and fully expect to see new trees planted next month, along with golfers thrilled by the easier course.

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