The 5 Towns Civic Association retained Howard Avrutine, Esq.┬áto prevent the loss and overdevelopment of the 100+ acres in the middle of our community. We share your concerns, and were proactive on your behalf. The developers have an excellent attorney working for them and so do we. Our attorney is extremely well respected, was recommended to us by multiple well-connected sources, and we are thrilled to have him on our team to give direction to our ‘troops’.

Please make a donation. Large or small, what you donate will help. It is true that several members of our community have been extremely generous, but each of us has a responsibility to protect our neighborhood, property value and quality of life. The suggested donation per family is $500. Lawyers are expensive, but inaction will cost you far more in the end. Of course, we will provide updates as we go forward, and welcome your feedback. We made it easy with the link above, but you can also mail a check made payable to 5 Towns Civic Association at the address listed below.

The 5 Towns Civic Association is a nonprofit organization.